Leading the way in solving the national school community health crisis

Healthy Communities is a collaborative partnership between Golden Health Initiative, national organization Acivilate focusing on recidivism, and local organizations to the greater Phoenix area, Father Matters and Women’s Health Coalition of Arizona who work first-hand with vulnerable population groups.

Together, Healthy Communities looks to engage with the re-entry and other vulnerable populations to ensure proper housing, employment, and medical care.

More can be found on the Acivilate website.

Healthy Communities Launch

The Healthy Communities launch begins with urban school districts within the Phoenix area that need assistance with the delivery of quality healthcare services to their community.  We will begin our work in local school districts conducting telemedicine services for faculty and students. 

Intending to bring the full assortment of service that can be offered, school district leaders have insisted that the one service that will be invaluable from the beginning is clinical social work.  As many students are second generation immigrants from Latin America, helping them through challenging times as well as assisting parents in the healthcare process is a great humanitarian need.  GHI will be on site to bring quality care to these students and local community organizations that have been on the front lines from the beginning.

Behavioral health and clinical social work will be among the services available immediately with rollout plans for additional services for chronic care management, diabetes maintenance and prevention, medical nutrition therapy, and more!